I’m Danielle Adams, a sassy red-headed broad living in New York City.  A few of my favorite things are a witty wordplay, good podcasts, feminism, quality t.v.  & a superior plate of nachos.  

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to play a variety of roles from drama to comedy, farce, Shakespeare, a singing/tap dancing nun, right down to a crazy squirrel (is there any other kind).

I received my BFA in Acting at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where the emphasis was on the Meisner Technique.  Philadelphia was a great place for me to get started and offered many opportunities. One of the more interesting opportunities was doing Carthaginians in an actual graveyard.  

I absolutely love to travel!  I have been lucky enough to spend a few months in Italy performing Shakespeare.  There are certainly many destinations on my list but I know I want to get back to Maui. Certainly paradise on earth.  

Finally that question where the answer gets better everyday: What are you up to now?  I'm taking as many classes as I can. Getting to Spin class as often as possible &  I’m currently working on producing my own web content.  In general, I'm living the dream. 

*currently seeking representation*